Get the clarity and structure you need to confidently teach EVERY student in your class whether they’re pregnant or not.  

Who's Afraid of The Pregnant Yogi?

Do you panic when a pregnant student walks into your class? Do you feel insecure or incapable of offering proper modifications without ruining the flow of class? Are you nervous about getting complaints from a pregnant student because you don’t actually know how to modify the class for them? If you answer YES to any of these questions, this online course is for you. Get the clarity and structure you need to confidently teach EVERY student in your class whether they’re pregnant or not. How many times have you walked into class super confident with an awesome class plan and then you see a pregnant person sitting on the mat? Does your heart sink as panic sets in because… oops! You assumed every student would be what you’re used to? You have worked very hard to complete your yoga teacher training and finally get a class of your own on a studio’s roster. Now that you’re building your style, skills and voice as a teacher, you must make sure you’re ready to embrace any unexpected challenge that may rises. This includes adjusting your class to serve the pregnant student.  

What Our Graduates & Community Have To Say:

" Taking the course was an amazing experience for me both personally and professionally. I feel so much more confident as a teacher and I feel much better equipped to help my students. Thank you for organizing and teaching such an in depth, evidenced based and inspiring course! "

"Studying with Deb from the Prenatal Yoga Center was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made...for my yoga teaching career and also as a new mother. I found Deb to be welcoming, knowledgeable, and truly passionate about this work. I truly appreciate the work of PYC, and the support this program has given me on my own journey into the prenatal world."

" I can confidently work with the pregnant body and help women really connect with their bodies and babies. Since starting the training and incorporating your technique and all the evidence based information in my classes, I've had many students thank me and share with me that they have learned so much."

"I have been attending classes at Prenatal Yoga Center with Deb since I was 6 weeks pregnant, and I am amazed at how supportive, educational and challenging the classes are. Deb and her staff really know their stuff, and have knowledge of pregnancy well beyond the sphere of yoga. Though the classes are challenging, I always know that I am safe and in good hands."

Cara Costello

Graduate of Prenatal Yoga Center's Teacher Training

Leanne Matullo

Graduate of Prenatal Yoga Center's Teacher Training

Jennifer Sbrocchi

Graduate of Prenatal Yoga Center's Teacher Training

Kit Shapiro

Prenatal Yoga Center Community Member

The Course

My Aproach:

I started teaching yoga well before I had children of my own and before I started studying prenatal yoga. The prenatal yoga section in my initial training didn’t amount to much and left me praying that I’d never have a pregnant person in class. Then, one day it happened and I was terrified. how would I navigate the whole class through an open level yoga practice without possibly hurting the woman and her baby? After that first confidence shattering class, I took it upon myself to become better educated of the proper modification for a pregnant student. Since then, prenatal yoga has become my passion. I have now been teaching prenatal yoga for over 17 years, received certification as a Lamaze teacher and labor support doula and had two kids of my own. I created and continue to teach a Yoga Alliance 85 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and have graduated hundreds of new prenatal yoga teachers. With this deeper understanding of the anatomical and physiological changes of the pregnant body, I am confident to teach anybody who walks into my class. And so can you! Regardless if you have been pregnant or ever plan to become pregnant, you must learn to skillfully support the pregnant yogi in your class. It’s your job as a teacher. That way, you’ll build trust with all of your students, your reputation at the studio will shine, and you’ll be well on your way to being the expert yoga instructor you dream.

What You'll do: 

We’ll work together so you can gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the anatomical and physiological changes of the pregnant body. Instead of just memorizing a list of poses and do’s and don’ts, you will have the skills and knowledge to understand why a pose may or may not be appropriate and what you can offer instead You will also learn how to identify the intention of your peak pose and provide a pregnancy safe option.

What we work on Together:

  What’s in the program?  

Here’s a short summary of everything that’s included:  

In this 5 week, online course I will take you through my proven system of anatomy based modifications for the pregnant student so that you can have the foundation and clarity to seamlessly adjust a student in class without changing the flow of your class. Finally, You can let go of the fear of not knowing how to support the pregnant student in class.  

Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi is a live, interactive and experiential 5 session course.  

Here is how the 5 weeks will unfold.  

We will meet up online once a week for 5 weeks starting Tuesday, November 13th at 11am EST Each week we will cover new and valuable information. 

Week 1- Lay your foundation! After our brief yoga session (yup… we’re going to practice yoga inside this online course!) , I’ll teach you the fundamental changes of the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body with specific focus on hormonal, spinal and pelvic changes and how this applies to yoga asana. You will no longer have to rely on a memorized list of poses and rules. You will now have a firm foundation make informed and educated decisions about which pose is or is not appropriate  

Week 2- Understanding the Belly and Bottom During Pregnancy- Addressing the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Understand the most obvious places of change during pregnancy and have the correct information to best support the pregnant person and not cause injury or harm to the pregnant person. Learn specifically how certain poses can cause abdominal damage and which ones are safe to do. That way, you won’t hurt anybody (or your reputation!) in your classes .  

Week 3- Back to the Basics -This week will be dedicated to learning about the back muscles, back pain and why a pregnant student should not lay flat on their back. This will arm you with go-to advise for a problem 80% of adults suffer from- back pain!  

Week 4- Put It All Into Action! Now take all this juicy information and bring it right into your class and apply what you know! Your classes will be inviting for all students at the yoga studio! We will also cover the art of using props. This will make it easier for you to teach the class as a whole as well as involve the pregnant student with less alternative poses. This means classes will be less awkward for everyone.  

Week 5 - Asana to Avoid We will look back to what we learned in the beginning of the course and discus, based on the anatomical and physiological change of the body, what poses would we want to avoid in class and why! You don't want to injure the pregnant student or baby with poses that are unsafe.  

If you are looking for a way to enhance your teaching, attract more students to your class, safely teach to everyone in the room and stand out as a yoga teacher, I hope you will join me for my 5 week course, Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi.  

I want to make this investment an easy choice for you, which is why this in depth course is only $175.  

Receive 5 Continued Education Credits from Yoga Alliance 


Meet Your Teacher:

Hi, I’m Deb Flashenberg

I was introduced to yoga through a choreographer after graduating the Boston Conservatory of Music in 1997. I spent several years as a yoga student before deciding to continue my education and become certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor. In 2001 I headed out to Seattle to study with renowned prenatal yoga teacher Colette Crawford, R.N., at the Seattle Holistic Center. I received certification for Vinyasa Yoga from Shiva Rea and completed the OM Yoga advanced teacher training with Cyndi Lee in 2004. Additionally, I've studied the Maternal Fitness Method with Julie Tupler. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cyndi Lee, Genevieve Kapular, and Carrie Owerko. Carrie Owerko continues to be my primary yoga teacher in NYC.  

After being witness to several “typical” hospital births, I felt it was important to move beyond the yoga room and be present in the birthing room. In 2003, I attended my first birth as a DONA certified labor support doula and have attended over 100 births. I am continuously in awe of the beauty and brilliance of birth and the many amazing, unique ways birth unfolds for each individual person.  

 In 2006, I received her certification as a Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Educator. In September of 2007, I completed a Midwife Assistant Program with Ina May Gaskin, Pamela Hunt and many of the other Farm Midwives at The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee.  

I regularly contributor to New York Family Magazine and Mommybites as Birth and Prenatal Yoga Expert and have been published in the book, Doulas (chapter 7!) and magazines Midwifery Today, Doula International, The Lamaze International Blog, Birthing With Confidence among many others. In April 2016, I had the honor of presenting at the Yoga Journal Live New York Conference.  

My curiosity and desire to continuously learn about pregnancy, birth and parenthood have led to my most recent undertaking the podcast, Yoga| Birth | Babies. Giving me the pleasure of speaking with and learning from some of the birth business’s most influential and respected speakers, Penny Simkin, Deborah Pascalli-Bonero, Gail Tully, Pam England, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Rebecca Dekker, Dr. Harvey Karp and many more.  

Drawing on my experience as a prenatal yoga teacher, labor support doula, childbirth educator and mother, I hope to support the pregnant person with functional yoga asana to create a functional birth and ease into parenthood feeling empowered and honored on this sacred journey of birth and beyond.

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